TPM gets the “Message Man”!

We get it man! We get the message man!

Well kind of…..

True Peak Media‘s Editor Scott Keanie was the Post Production specialist for Writer/Director Corey Pearson’s Debut Feature Film, “MESSAGE MAN“!

It’s getting some final additional touches and hopefully released soon!

For now here are some photographs of my time in Jakarta – not only Editing the film, but helping Corey get through the worse sickness of his life while Directing his first ever feature film.

These photos were taken on my first day on set – which was a few days into filming. When I was just about to step onto the boat in Jakarta which was to take me to the island where the first location is. We received a radio call informing me and the Producers – Henry and Neslo – that Corey had fallen sick on the island – chronically ill!

Was he O.K.?

Am I going To Be O.K.?

What was I about to step into?

The rest is part of Australian Film History. A first co-production for Indonesia and Australia, in a time when relations between the two countries were strained.

In the month that I was there I witnessed Corey go through what can possibly be described as his own “Hearts of darkness”!

Through sickness and fatigue, long days, lack of sleep, his attention to detail and enthusiasm for the project never failed. I’ll never forget it. And that’s why I’m looking forward to working with Corey on his next Feature Film “HARMONY”.

Enjoy the pics. You can get a basic story from the captions attached to the pics, plus I’ll attempt to add more stories in the future with more details of Corey’s epic battle to make “MESSAGE MAN”!




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