Post Production Workflow

At True Peak Media (TPM) we are specialists all aspects of Visual & Audio Post Production.

When it comes to large projects that require accurate organization, and meticulous attention to detail, TPM is a leader!

And when it comes to small projects, we are fast and effective.

If you look up “Post Production Workflow” these days on the internet, you’ll get an assortment of diagrams and solutions that look something like these ones below, due to various camera formats, different codecs and a multitude of hardware plus applications to view or edit, then all the various platforms to output your movies to. It can all get a little confusing, and time consuming.

Post Production Nightmare_diagram_final composite

So have YOU got the time to deal with it?

That where 20+ Years of experience comes in extremely handy!

Let True Peak Media take care of it for YOU.

When it comes to vision, we see it!

When it comes to audio, we hear it!

When it comes to concepts, we get it!

 When it comes to story telling, we take you there!

Click to: Contact us, ask us a question, or get a quote!

Kind Regards

Scotty Keanie_Signature_v5

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