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Debbie Rallis_Sun is shining

Artist: Debbie Rallis

Song: Sun is shining

This song won Best Song in the Dance/Pop category at the Acedamia Awards 2015.



A great friend of mine Tim Rowlands, asked me to edit this music video clip for him back in 2013. His crew filmed this in Melbourne over one weekend. He brought it to me in Sydney and it took me roughly one week of editing and colour grading. I added the glistening effects by finding a water shot with lots of sparkle, and then overlaid it using one of the Composite modes. Then I used a second layer of the same sparkle clip, each combined with a different composite mode. Then tweaked the opacity to reveal more of the original vision underneath.

Lots of the swimming shots are combined using composite modes. It’s a great way to mix shots together without using opacity.

I think it made a backyard pool party look dreamy and trance-like. Hopefully it adds a visual layer representing the dream-like state of being in love that the lyrics are describing.



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