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Hello Forever

Post Production: True Peak Media

DIRECTOR: Peter Kirk    PRODUCER: Noelene Turton

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Hello forever was filmed on location in Manila. The edit was mostly done there, and when the crew arrived back in Australia they needed somewhere to finish the film. Director Peter Kirk and Producer Noelen Turton commissioned True Peak Media to finalize the Post Production.

Watch the Cinema Trailer:

The first goal was to edit some of new scenes for the film, and to trim existing scenes.

Afterwards,  the goal was to create an opening sequence for the film, to give some extra life and impact right at the beginning. I used some shots that Cameraman Noel Teehankee had taken whilst out on the streets of Manila. These shots hadn’t been used in the movie yet, and were perfectly moody and colourful enough for compositing in the opening sequence. These were stunning street shots. Out of focus and blurry, with lots of colours, people, cars and street lights. So cool they seemed a waste not to use.

By creating this opener, we were also now introducing the characters in a creative way. For the music, I used a guitar piece that I had recorded just a few weeks earlier.

T.P.M. also delivered audio stems for 5.1 Mixes, created a Cinema Trailer, and output the final synced audio and vision to Cinema Quality, and Web Quality.

It’s such a great film. Being involved in this film is one of our True Peak Media’s proudest achievements!


Scott Keanie,

True Peak Media


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